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Meal Plans

Meals are an important part of a day in the life of our seniors. Their daily living centers around the meals. Meals provide an opportunity to participate in the community, it is a reason to become part of the social atmosphere. With dementia, meals established at the same time each day provide a way for the resident to manage time in their day. Something to depend on, a regular activity.

Maintaining some sense of independence and control, which is sometimes lost as residents require a higher level of care.

Meals are a social event and an event 3 times a day to look forward too. The dining room often times like the kitchen in their home becomes a gathering spot, even between meals. Residents will come and sit and talk and have a snack or drink.

With aging, nutritional habits are more important. A good meal plan keeps minds sharp, energy high and extend the lifespan as well providing emotional balance.

At Loving Care we are committed to our food plan. We have an in house chef and all meal are passed by a dietician. Having our own chef is a great advantage. Not only does it increase the freshness and quality of our food but the chef provides more flexibility to prepare those special meals and meet any special diets requested by the doctor.